Skippy's Picks


Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1000 Washington Avenue. Brooklyn
FEBRUARY 12, 1 PM: The ancient Greek and Roman myths contain many references to plants: the oak was sacred to Zeus (Jupiter), the olive to Athena (Minerva), and the laurel to Apollo. Join Veteran Garden Guide Ellen Borker, to see some of these legendary plants at BBG and hear the myths about them. Meet at the entrance of the Steinhardt Conservatory.

FEBRUARY 18, 1-3:30 PM: The Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery welcomes the alternative process photography work of New York photographer Herbert Hoover. With the use of old techniques such as tea toning, cyanotypes, henna toning, and pin hole cameras, learn how to use forgotten technology to bring to life the details of a garden.

NY Aquarium, Surf Avenue and W. 8th St, Brooklyn
FEBRUARY 3 & 4, 7 PM – 10 AM
: Sleep in the Deep! Your adventure begins when you arrive at the aquarium after the other visitors have departed. After stowing your gear, your instructor will lead you on an evening of fun and learning. You’ll tour the aquarium after hours, and watch the seals and walruses settling down for the night. You’ll explore animal biofacts and the live invertebrates in our touch tank. You will make marine-themed crafts, including an aquarium button to show others that you slept by the sea. Finally, you’ll arrange your sleeping bags by the side of our Explore the Shore exhibits (indoors), and doze until morning, when you will tour behind-the-scenes and feed a fish tank. An evening snack and Continental breakfast are included.

NY Botanical Garden, 200th St and Kazimoff Blvd, Bronx -
FEBRUARY 3-21, 1:30-3 PM: Explore the alphabet as a Budding Botanist at the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. Read stories, create and plant. Ages 2-5.

ENTIRE MONTH, 1:30-4:30 PM
: Explore the interesting life of George Washington Carver as you become a plant scientist, a plant doctor and create your own science timeline.

Wave Hill, 675 W. 252nd Street, Bronx -
FEBRUARY 4 & 5, 1-4 PM: Use raw materials such as cotton, linen, abaca and recycled newspaper to make handmade paper.

FEBRUARY 11 & 12, 1-4 PM
: Create beautiful Valentine day cards as you explore the greenhouse and learn about winter plants.

FEBRUARY 25 & 26, 1-4 PM
: Learn how ice and wind have formed the hills, valleys and flat places of Wave Hill. When you’re done exploring sculpt your own mini-landscape with rock, clay and other natural materials.

Van Cortland Park, Broadway and 246th Street, Bronx,
Remember to take a stroll in VAN CORTLANDT PARK (open daily)

Bronx Zoo, Fordham Rd, Bronx -
FEBRUARY 5, 10:30-12:30 PM: Meet the zoo’s own Wallaby Mom and hear stories of the animals in the zoo. Interact and feed the animals.

FEBRUARY 18, 2-4 PM/FEBRUARY 21, 10:30-12:30 PM: Take out your binoculars and search for clues in the Congo Gorilla Forest as you learn about the work of scientists.

American Museum of Natural History
, Central Park West, NYC -

FEBRUARY 2/9/16, 4-5:30 pm: Kids ages 4 to 6 can explore the Earth and Space Collection of The Rose Planetarium.

FEBRUARY 4, 11-12:30 (ages 4 and 5, with adult); 1:30-3:00 PM (ages 6 and 7, with adult): Prepare the space shuttle for take-off and learn what it takes to put a space mission together.

FEBRUARY 5, 11-12 PM
: Work with artist and naturalist educator Patricia Miranda to create an old fashioned nature diary. Use ink made from wasp’s nests and feather quill pens as you look at the Museum’s collection.

FEBRUARY 11, 12-1 PM AND 2-3 PM: Learn all about the wild, wild world of raptors as you get a close up look at owls, hawks and falcons. Learn how to identify the raptors that live in New York City.

: It’s time to celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin. Bring in your favorite backyard finds for the Museum’s annual identification day!

FEBRUARY 20-24, 9-4 PM
: Join Destination Space for a week. Learn through hands on activities what it would be like to live, work and travel in space. (For second and third graders).

FEBRUARY 20-24, 9-4 PM
: Take a week long ocean adventure. Discover the fantastic ocean creatures and their habitats with fun filled activities including trips to the NY Aquarium. (For fourth and fifth graders).

Central Park,
TUES – SAT, 10 AM – 2 PM: Beginner Climbing Course for Ages 8 to 17, North Meadow Recreation Center, Mid Central Park at 97th Street.

TUES – FRI, 10 AM – 2:30 PM
: Challenge Course for Ages 12 to 17,
North Meadow Recreation Center, Mid Central Park at 97th Street.

TUES – SUN, 10 AM – 5 PM: Woods and Water Exhibit at Belvedere Castle,
Mid Central Park at 79th Street.

Alley Pond Environmental Center
, 228-06 Northern Blvd, Queens,
FEBRUARY 11, 1-3 PM/ FEBRUARY 12, 10-12 PM: Discover how some of the pond’s resident animals survive the brrr of winter, learn how to identify animal footprints and participate in a story, detective game, nature walk and a snack.

FEBRUARY 11, 10-11:30 AM
: Nature rocks - as you create rock paperweights with textured paper, leaves and seed pods.

FEBRUARY 14, 3:30-4:45 PM
: Happy Valentine’s Day! Join the nature club and learn how to use field guides, binoculars, and hand lenses to identify the critters in the park.

FEBRUARY 18, 1-3 PM/FEBRUARY 19, 10-12 PM
: Learn how to be an animal care trainee as you experience hands-on feeding, brushing, and cleaning the pond’s animals. Receive your own animal care trainee certificate upon completion of the class.

: Three year olds can enjoy a day in the snow – even if there is no snow on the ground!! Make your own silly snowman, and spend some time with snowy animals.

Visit some of the other wonderful parks in Queens including Forest Park in Jamaica

Greenbelt Nature Center, Staten Island,
FEBRUARY 4, 10 AM: Join the NYC Urban Park Rangers for an early morning hike.

FEBRUARY 5, 10 AM: Join the park staff for a hike to Moses Mountain. Once you reach the top enjoy refreshment in front of a cozy fireplace!

FEBRUARY 11/12, 1 PM: Enjoy nature inspired stories in front of the cozy fireplace.

FEBRUARY 19, 10 AM: Enjoy a hike along the Red Trail.

FEBRUARY 20, 10-12 PM: Learn how the animals of the Greenbelt survive the long, cold winter months. Ages 8-12, includes activity and a hike.

FEBRUARY 21, 10-12 PM
: Learn how the Lenape Indians survived the winter as you hike the trails of the Greenbelt searching for food, water and shelter (for ages 8-12).

FEBRUARY 23, 10-12 PM: Explore the wonders of snow as you play winter games and work on a craft project. (Ages 6-9).

FEBRUARY 24, 10-12 PM
: Hike the trails of the Greenbelt as you learn to identify winter birds by sight and sound. (Ages 8-12).